Orchestre de Picardie

ORCHESTRE DE PICARDIE Cartel concierto Edmon Colomer

“C’est surtout la direction souple de Colomer qui fait le prix de cette version”…”Par leur fougue, Colomer et les musiciens de l’Orchestre de Picardie en offrent des interprétations d’une conviction et d’une profondeur captivantes”.


Alberto Ginastera
Concerto pour harpe, op. 25
Variaciones concertantes, op. 23
Concerto pour cordes, op. 33

During Edmon Colomer’s tenure the Orchestre de Picardie became a crossroads for musicians seeking excellence. From 1998 to 2003, the OP carried out an intense artistic and educational activity praised by the specialized press and backed by award-winning French music recordings.

Picasso et la Danse

Picasso Et La Danse

Palais Garnier. 1992. «Picasso et la Danse» Le Tricorne

Patrick Dupond i Monique Loudrieres, dancers
Léonide Massine, coreography
Orchestre National de l’Opéra de Paris
Edmon Colomer, conductor

“…the exuberant Three-Cornered Hat, brilliantly conducted by Edmon Colomer in front of the Orchestre National de l’Opéra de Paris.”

René Sirvin LE FIGARO (13.03.92) Hommage à Picasso / Palais Garnier

After the success of Parade, Diaghilev invited Picasso to participate in a second ballet entirely Spanish, The Three-Cornered Hat (El Sombrero de tres picos) (1919), adapted from Pedro Antonio de Alarcón picaresque novel. Manuel de Falla composed the music and Leonide Massine was in charge of the choreography. Picasso created sets with soft hues, both naturalistic and subtly cubist, on which his very colorful costumes, of popular inspiration, stand out vividly. Manuel de Falla’s Tricorne, Darius Milhaud’s Le Train bleu and Joseph Kozma’s Le Rendez-vous simultaneously entered the Palais Garnier’s opera and ballet repertoire in 1992.

Picasso Et La Danse

OBC Europe and Japan

L’amour sorcier, conducted from memory with a wide range of dynamic richness.”

“….Daphnis et Chloè where the conductor revealed himself as an inspired colourist….”

“…. the conductor and his immense band brought us to the world where man never becomes bored.”

Jean-Rémy Berthoud TRIBUNE DE GENÈVE (March 94)

“The agile and exact way of Edmon Colomer’s conducting succeeded in fascinating from the optical point of view. Continuous ovations in the Beethoven-Saal: three encores!”

Dietrich Röder STUTTGARTT NACHRICHTEN (16.03.94)

“…under the highly competent leadership of the conductor Edmon Colomer, endowed with an exceptional talent…”

M.F. DER BUND / Bern (07.03.94)

OBC Musikverein de Viena

OBC. Musikverein, Groβer Saal, Viena, (28.02.1994)
Photo: OBC

JONDE Joven Orquesta Nacional de España

JONDE Joven Orquestra Nacional de España. Edmon Colomer dirigiendo JONDE Joven Orquestra Nacional de España.

JONDE. Festival de Paris. Théâtre des Champs Elysées, (17.05.1989)
Photo: Ros Ribas

The JONDE (Joven Orquesta Nacional de España) broke into the international recording market through the most representative Spanish music of the 20th century. The best awards from the world’s specialized press were granted to Atlantida and Nights in the Gardens of Spain by Manuel de Falla, and The Plague by Robert Gerhard.

It was also the first Spanish orchestra invited to the Paris Festival (1989), to the Carnegie Hall in New York (1991) and to the London BBC Proms (1996). The JONDE has been a unique ambassador of the amazing artistic spanish outburst in the last four decades.

JONDE 1983-1996


“The success was huge. We applaude, yes, a performance, the task of the players and the conductor. But, over all we acclaim the beginning of the future in the spanish symphonic landscape.”

Enrique Franco EL PAIS (16.01.84)

Jonde 1983-1996 Gala Performance, Edmon Colomer

JONDE. Saint Petersburg Philharmonia. Grand Hall, (03.10.1987)
Photo: Ros Ribas

The presentation of the JONDE (Joven Orquesta Nacional de España) in 1983 meant a decisive turn in the Spanish symphonic and chamber music scope at the end of the 20th century. For the first time, young talented spanish musicians had access to an unprecedented symphonic experience.

Selected professors from around the world designed and built an effective academic program grounded in the orchestral and chamber music practice. The high artistic level achieved by the last generations of professional musicians attest to the success of that visionary initial impulse.

Atlàntida, The Plague and PROMS 96


“Edmon Colomer clarified, explained and showed with intensity the beauties of Atlantida to such a degree that before them any hint of controversy looses its interest”.

Enrique Franco EL PAIS (07.10.92)

PROMS 1996

“…the Joven Orquesta Nacional de España, who, under Edmon Colomer brought a spellbinding performance of Roberto Gerhard’s The Plague.”

Stephen Pettitt THE SUNDAY TIMES / London (18.08.96) / Proms 96

Robert Gerhard The Plague (La Peste).

Robert Gerhard The Plague (La Peste).
Excerpt from the original manuscript.
Cambridge University Music Library. Robert Gerhard Collection.

Jonde 1983-1996 Atlántida -proms 96, Edmon Colomer